Moving Infographics: The Power of Information in Motion Design.

João Veríssimo

With the ability to transmit any message in a clear and intuitive way, infographics stand out as one of Motion Design’s main approaches.

A New Perspective on Information

Information (either useful or superfluous) is probably one of the most abundant things in our current reality. The overabundance of information and stimuli is an important and decisive factor for the strategy of any company, brand or product.

In fact, with the development of the digital market, the battle for the user’s attention is constant and will likely become more intense: the giant Google provides search results prioritising services, thousands of websites offer credible information free of charge and Facebook’s feed keeps millions of users in constant interaction with their mobile devices or computers.

Motion Design allows you to find new opportunities in a market where all other media are almost saturated and this is where infographic videos can change the rules of the game.

When we use a website, a flyer or a book, we are driven to seek for the information that is relevant for us. In Motion Design the information comes to us.

Dynamic Data

Infographic videos allow you to create a differentiating element and capture the user’s attention, conveying really useful information. In fact, moving infographics expose, in a simplified and understandable way, all the relevant elements of the message. Numbers, graphs, data and actions gain a whole new dynamic, allowing a significant improvement in the retention of information. According to Hubspot, 40% of the people retain visual information better than plain text.

But it’s necessary to keep in mind that all attention has its time limit: the videos must be kept short and direct in order to get the best results and higher view rates.

Motion Design is Storytelling

Motion Design is, intrinsically, the telling of a story and motion graphics have the ability to bring this storytelling even to the communication that usually (because of its complexity or technical nature) generates extensive and unattractive content.

It is, however, necessary to take into account that infographics applied to Motion Design are not just about the movement, for all the integral elements are essential to the video’s success: the copy for the script, the quality of the iconography or illustration used, the sound design and the voiceover should be planned to adapt to the business goals.

Therefore, whether it’s constituted by technical data, tutorials or indications, the message will always have the dynamics of movement and the power to create engagement with whoever receives it, turning it into an experience with positive results.