A designer
& gamer
at heart.

About Me

My name is João Veríssimo.
I’m a Motion & Interaction Designer in love with animation, Webflow development and games.

Know more about
my expertise.

Motion Graphics.

From small teasers, to explainers, to full storytelling experiences, I will help you move ideas around. I put graphics, characters and brand environments in motion with specific communication goals in mind.

Animated Interactions.

UX is only complete with engaging animations. These interfaces are animated according to their look, feel and purpose. Great for agencies who need to add value to their proposals or to boost their development results.

Webflow Development.

Bringing visual design, animation and development together to uplift your digital presence. All that is brought into a platform full of possibilities for design, animations and, most of all, responsiveness. Let’s give it a try?


Passing on knowledge is one of the things I love most in this industry. I can help you get started on your Motion Graphics adventure or, if you already have the basics checked, find the best way to develop your animation skills.

What you can also
expect from me.


I work with you from the very beginning to the final tweaks.


Planning all the steps is a key part of the design process.


A project’s success can be determined by small details.


While a design-driven vision is crucial, delivery is also a key factor.

Going beyond.

Sometimes, what you ask for and what you need are different things.


Work with what you love and you’ll always have a smile on your face.

Friends I’ve made
along the way.

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When I’m not
working, I’m doing
something else.