The briefing.

Our client wanted to cause an impact on potential partners, showcasing how far their technology could go and how it could benefit everyday users. Their goal was to immerse their target audience in the possibilities of the future of mobility and make them feel empowered by it. VR was the perfect medium for that.

VR brings the challenge to give to the user something to look and enjoy all around them.

The solution.

Our main goal was to create a story that could be believable and relatable. Once we established the flow for the story, we focused on creating a friendly environment that could relate with A-to-Be's branding – in order to do that, we decided to step away from the usual VR ambiences and try for a 2D approach on a 3D environment, topped with a spacial sound design that could guide the users through the journey. For A-to-Be, explaining their value to the market became as easy as putting on a VR Gear (or even just moving a phone around) – and that's the true value of Motion.