Website Your Next Pit Stop.

Webflow Development

Animated interactions and Webflow development for a tech promotional landing page.

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The briefing.

ADA and AskBlue, two technology companies, got together for the OutSystems NextStep 2019 event – but, near the event, they still lacked a digital presence that presented their combined expertise. They needed a landing page that could reinforce their storytelling about development maintenance teams and that could bring new leads for both their websites – engines ready!

Icon animation for the scroll page message.

The experience was also complete on mobile given it's promotion on the low-code event.

The solution.

Based on their existing concept of a Pit Stop, the team designed a landing page that could visually associate the theme (which was their campaign moto) with their offer. I then carried this concept over to the development on the Webflow platform, where the interactions could bring the users to this environment, through speed and mechanics. You can actually scroll down (or swipe down – responsive, yay!) to open the garage door and reveal the content. The landing page was highly successful at the event and it's actually still online, even tough the event is over, if you want to give it a try.