The briefing.

NBCUniversal wanted to create an interactive second-screen experience showcasing a new series on SyFy: The Magicians. We teamed with Unit9 to help them create the navigation experience through animated interactions. The animation not only helped to present the solution to NBCUniversal but it was also key for the development phase. Developers could turn these ideas into lines of code and make them work.

The animated interactions were implemented with extreme detail in the development by the dev team.

The solution.

For this project, it was clear that we needed to work on the interactions and transitions in a way that could instantly relate to the theme – magic. We were looking for simple and clear navigation that could transport the users to the series and create the perfect mood to immerse themselves in a magical world. There was a need to create the navigation, transitions and flow of the SyFy's Magicians to help presenting to the client and also to the team of developers.